Our Vodka

Our Crystal Label, available for $30 in our tasting room. The bottle is 750 ml or, as we call it, a “Goldstream Valley Half Pint”.

At Hoarfrost Distilling we are vodka specialists. We don’t make anything else. The owner designed and built (or had built, in some cases) his equipment specifically for the rigorous purification needed to produce great vodka.

Our vodka is made by hand from barley and water. We do every step in house starting with grinding the raw barley, mashing it, fermenting, purifying, and finally bottling and labeling.

Our vodka, like our breakfast, is made from barley.

For purification we use a 10 foot tall packed column. This gives us an awesome amount of purification power to separate the pure ethanol from the other organic compounds that disfigure good vodka. We also have a rigorous activated carbon filtration process to further remove contaminants and purify the product.

Pictured above is Valeriya, our kettle, with a rinky-dink 4 plate column. We used this column for a while for stripping, but it isn’t suitable for making vodka. It’s also too slow for stripping, so now it sits in storage, in pieces, where it belongs.

It takes us about 3 weeks to push a batch through, but since vodka is made in stages (fermenting, stripping, purifying, bottling) we will be able to overlap batches and increase our throughput. If we can add another still, we should see a massive increase in production.

Vodka made by hand in Fairbanks, AK