Tasting Room Menu

Our tasting room offers most of the standard vodka cocktails, a few signature house specials, as well as a seasonal specials. Cocktails range from $4.5 for vodka neat or on the rocks to $9 for our infused Bloody Mary.
We also sell bottles of vodka in the tasting room. Each customer is limited to 5 bottles per day for carrying out by State law. We currently have Crystal Vodka for $30, and Brilliant Vodka for $75. While we make many infusions, we are not yet bottling them for sale.

Tasting Room Cocktail Menu

Vodka Soda – We use an old fashioned soda siphon, lots of ice, and a lemon garnish.

Vodka Tonic – We make our own tonic syrup and seltzer. We do not add bitters by default because the  tonic is quite complex, but we have them available for those who ask.

Martini – We can’t make a real martini because we have had our vermouth taken away from us. If your aesthetic is broad enough to call vodka up a martini, then we’ll make you one.

Earl Grey Martini – The vodka is infused with earl grey tea. We put the vodka, a little simple syrup and lemon juice in our cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up, then we serve in a chilled martini glass with a lightly sugared rim.

Lemondrop Martini – An absolute favorite. We make our own limoncello just for this cocktail. Into the shaker goes the vodka, limoncello, lemon juice and simple syrup.  Then it’s shaken and strained into a chilled martini glass with a lemon zest sugar rim.

Black Russian Martini – Vodka and house-made coffee liqueur shaken and strained into a martini glass. Our custom coffee liqueur gets a lot of attention, and this cocktail is very tasty.

Black Russian – We are reduced to vodka and house-made coffee syrup in order to keep the proportion and flavor right while delivering enough volume to fill a glass. It sounds unorthodox, but it is very popular. Toivo recommends this as an alternative to an espresso drink in the morning.

Bloody Mary – Toivo has a custom vegetable infusion that makes the vodka in our Bloody Marys extremely rich and complex. We add that to our special spicy Mary blend with as much or little Tabasco and spicy horseradish as you call for. If you can take more than 15 dashes of Tabasco we’ll let you add it yourself. 

Alpenglow – Named for the orange-pink color of the sky at sunset. We start by infusing vodka with lime zest and vanilla bean. We add that to a mixture of ruby-red grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup, and we serve it in a lemon zest rimmed glass. One of our all-time most popular cocktails.

Rhubarb Pie – Toivo’s own recipe that was 3 years in the perfecting. We start with a nutmeg sugar rimmed glass half full of ice. We add vodka, a splash of simple syrup, and our house-made rhubarb juice. If you like apple pie moonshine, this will do you one better. We let the customer add their own whipped cream if they like.

Vodka Soda – We use an old fashioned soda siphon, lots of ice, and a lemon garnish.

Vodka Soda – We use an old fashioned soda siphon, lots of ice, and a lemon garnish.

Vodka Soda – We use an old fashioned soda siphon, lots of ice, and a lemon garnish.

Below here are things that we can’t serve as cocktails because we don’t make all the components ourselves, and the ABC Board currently rules that they don’t count as “our products”. In each case we will happily sell you a shot of vodka and one of the fine virgin chasers below.

Moscow Mule – Fresh lime juice, Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer. A house favorite! We are currently required to serve this virgin because we don’t make our own ginger beer, but we can serve it as a chaser along with a shot of vodka.

Captain Healy – Hell Roarin’ Mike Healy was an extremely colorful character from early Alaskan history. We named this cocktail after him. We start with muddled fresh ginger and jalapeno in a splash of lime juice. Then we add pineapple juice and ice, shake it and pour. 

Hot Toddy – The Russian-Alaska version. We use boiling Russian style black tea, lemon slice, and honey. Good for what ails ya. Great for cold weather.

Ginger Pinch – Start by muddling fresh ginger in a splash of lime juice, then adding our in-house ginger pinch syrup (passionfruit tea, sugar and pomegranate juice). We strain that into a fresh pint-glass of ice, then top it off with a little ginger beer.



Vodka made by hand in Fairbanks, AK